This tool has been replaced by Bid Generator

 “Sinalyzer PROJECT” is a powerful estimating & budgeting tool with the following main features:

– Accurate calculation of project costs: up to 120 entries of equipment / services and up to 120 for man-hours. Entries of payment milestones and terms.

– Powerful functions to enter man-hours: up to 10 groups and 10 costs, shift the project date, shift hours of the groups, include/exclude hours (cost and/or cash-flow), etc.

– Functions for the analysis of the man-hours and working load based on profiles (project manager, project engineer, etc.), disciplines (electrical, mechanical, I&C, etc.), projects, etc.

– Analysis per week, month, quarter, semester and year.

– Very accurate outcome of project costs, payments, collections and cashflow.

– Outcome summary with all the costs and calculation of final sale price with different options.

– Three different options to enter taxes. Currency change.

Panel to simulate potential changes in the schedule of the project: shift of dates (one by one or per groups: incomes from client, costs, man-hour costs, payments, etc.), change of project start date, etc.

Complete set of charts modificables by the user.

– Two working modes: Project or Company.

– With the advantages of Microsoft Excel© (from version 2007).

– Languages: English and Spanish.

– Requirements: MS-Excel (2007 SP3, 2010, 2013, 2016, Office 365), Windows O.S. (10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3)

– License: 1 year